Spousal Carve-Outs Gaining Traction?

A simple internet search for the term “spousal carve outs” turns up dozens of links. The surfeit of links underscores the interest that employers are showing for measures that may reduce health coverage costs. Implementing a spousal carve-out or spousal surcharge is no small task. Employers need to consider a host of issues, not theContinue reading “Spousal Carve-Outs Gaining Traction?”

Affordable Care Act’s Employer Reporting Deadlines Loom!

Employers are facing the impending deadlines for the ACA’s employer reporting requirements. As of today there are only 116 calendar days left until employers have to file statements to full-time employees! Employers who are required to report are generally those who meet the definition of “applicable large employer” or ALE. ALEs are employers with 50Continue reading “Affordable Care Act’s Employer Reporting Deadlines Loom!”

Decoding “Qualifying Offer Method” from Line 22 (on Form 1094-C)

Form 1094-C is the transmittal form that is sent to the IRS along with a firm’s Form 1095-Cs. It has been compared to a FAX cover sheet. A FAX cover sheet for those too young to remember was used to identify the person who was to receive the information. The cover sheet often gave aContinue reading “Decoding “Qualifying Offer Method” from Line 22 (on Form 1094-C)”

3 ACA Questions Employers Need to Have Answered – Yesterday! Question 3: Have you qualified for transition relief?

Once employers know whether they’re an ALE (applicable large employer) and whether they’re part of a controlled group, they have baseline information to help determine just when compliance with the Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) requirements is required. Question 3: Have you qualified for transition relief? Transition relief – or the lack of it – determinesContinue reading “3 ACA Questions Employers Need to Have Answered – Yesterday! Question 3: Have you qualified for transition relief?”

3 ACA Questions Employers Need to Have Answered – Yesterday! Question 2: Are You Part of a Controlled Group?

Question one (1) of the three (3) questions that employers or their advisers need to have answered yesterday addressed how an employer must count employees for ACA to determine the employer’s size. The next question that employers must be able to answer – Question 2 – is whether the employer is a member of anContinue reading “3 ACA Questions Employers Need to Have Answered – Yesterday! Question 2: Are You Part of a Controlled Group?”

New Law Changes ACA Employee Count for Some Employers

The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015 recently signed by the President doesn’t sound like a law that affects the ACA. Surprise! This new law amends the section of PPACA that addresses the definition of applicable large employer (Section 4980H(c)(2)). This provision allows employers to calculate whether they meet theContinue reading “New Law Changes ACA Employee Count for Some Employers”

Seasonal Employees- Bam!

One of the more frequent compliance questions is whether employers need to offer coverage to seasonal employees under ACA. Whether and when a seasonal employee should be offered coverage is particularly important for employers subject to the employer responsibility provisions of the law. First, it’s important to understand who qualifies as a seasonal employee. InContinue reading “Seasonal Employees- Bam!”

The Recipe for the “Seasonal Exception”

Confusion is a perennial state when addressing application of the rules of ACA – or so it seems. And, one of the more confusing aspects of the law is how to address seasonal employees. Some of the confusion clears away if you know what question you’re trying to address. If you’re attempting to determine ifContinue reading “The Recipe for the “Seasonal Exception””

Avoid Dollar Guzzling ACA “Cadillac Tax”

Employers have been pummeled with change after change in the five (5) years since enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With many of the Act’s changes now implemented or well under way, there remains one provision that has many employers feeling anxious.  The provision creating this anxiety is the 40% excise tax on theContinue reading “Avoid Dollar Guzzling ACA “Cadillac Tax””