Short Term Policies No ACA Panacea

An insurance product that many thought would become extinct with implementation of the ACA can’t be counted out – yet. Short term health insurance policies have been an attractive short-term option for many years. While the policies generally offer limited benefits, the ability to purchase a plan for 30 days or 6 months or evenContinue reading “Short Term Policies No ACA Panacea”

Affordable Care Act’s Employer Reporting Deadlines Loom!

Employers are facing the impending deadlines for the ACA’s employer reporting requirements. As of today there are only 116 calendar days left until employers have to file statements to full-time employees! Employers who are required to report are generally those who meet the definition of “applicable large employer” or ALE. ALEs are employers with 50Continue reading “Affordable Care Act’s Employer Reporting Deadlines Loom!”

New Law Changes ACA Employee Count for Some Employers

The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015 recently signed by the President doesn’t sound like a law that affects the ACA. Surprise! This new law amends the section of PPACA that addresses the definition of applicable large employer (Section 4980H(c)(2)). This provision allows employers to calculate whether they meet theContinue reading “New Law Changes ACA Employee Count for Some Employers”