Open Enrollment – Will States See the Silver Lining?

With all of the debate and squabbling about health care costs, there has been a general recognition that individuals who don’t qualify for a subsidy under the ACA have been hard hit by premium increases over the past years. In fact, CMS data released earlier this year indicated that non-subsidized enrollees saw a 20 percentContinue reading “Open Enrollment – Will States See the Silver Lining?”

IRS Eases Filing Requirement for Individuals

In response to the Trump administration executive order that directed federal agencies to use discretion to reduce regulatory burdens, the IRS recently reversed course regarding individual tax returns and ACA compliance. The IRS had planned to reject individual tax returns if they were filed without information relating to whether the taxpayer had health coverage. InContinue reading “IRS Eases Filing Requirement for Individuals”

Marketplace Appeals — The Results

At the risk of sounding like Nick Cannon on the television show  America’s Got Talent when they’re announcing performers advancing to the next round of competition, employers are beginning to see the results of appeals that they’ve filed when employees receive subsidies in the marketplace. Employers are finding some of these appeal decisions perplexing, especiallyContinue reading “Marketplace Appeals — The Results”

Employees Need to Beware Subsidy Farsightedness

People who are farsighted see things that are far away more clearly than they see something close to them. So it is with employees who have their eyes focused on the Affordable Care Act’s individual market subsidies. A number of Compliance Corner questions are variations of: “If an employee has an offer of coverage throughContinue reading “Employees Need to Beware Subsidy Farsightedness”

Focus on Subsidies may Shortchange Employer Plan Benefits

It seems that everyone is focused on the availability of subsidies in the exchange plans. We get many questions about whether and how employees can qualify for a subsidy. The general answer is that if an employee has an offer of coverage from their employer and it meets the affordability and coverage requirements – theyContinue reading “Focus on Subsidies may Shortchange Employer Plan Benefits”